Krausenstraße 9-10,
10117 Berlin, Germany

In the heart of Europe, right in the centre of the German capital and history, close to Checkpoint Charly, you’ll find our Berlin office in Krausenstrasse. This central location not only offers an excellent starting point for those interested in culture and history, but also allows us to fully savour all the advantages of Berlin's lively charm. Together with our sister agency WE ARE SOCIAL, we occupy a creative office that allows plenty of room for communication and encounters.

In addition to a passion for communication, our growing team places particular value on working together. This is characterised by mutual respect and working at eye level - not only in our teams, but also with our clients.

Meet our team lead
in Berlin

Mark Cater

Susanne Krings

Managing Director, Germany

As our German leader, Susanne is responsible for the development of Citizen Relations in Germany. She is an expert both in marketing communications as well as public relations but doesn’t like it when people split those disciplines apart. For her communication is all about a mind-opening holistic and integrated approach to solve challenges rather than working in pre-defined silos.

That’s why her main focus includes strategic consulting and the development of holistic communication strategies for clients in the B2C and B2B sectors, mostly with a focus on healthcare, consumer goods and energy.

Additionally, Susanne cares deeply about team spirit, speaks fluent “dog” and cannot pass one without being instantly smitten.