It takes a little magic
to earn a place in culture.

While PR is our bread and butter, we're big on co-creation. Everyone has a hand in the process and is equally invested in the outcome. That's why we assemble teams with the right mix of skills, experience and personalities.

Real-world Research test

What’s hot is constantly changing. As new businesses jockey for your customers, our Intelligence & Insights team analyzes consumer behaviour to ensure our work is rooted in what’s current and what will drive real change for your business.

Strategic Intelligence

Don’t feel you’re being recognized for your sustainability initiatives or supply chain leadership? A tailored comms strategy can help. We take the time to understand your business before drawing up the roadmap for success. We study your past performance, competition and goals to find the right positioning and messaging to get you the visibility you deserve.

Reporting & Monitoring

We always start by sitting down with you to align on your objectives and how you define success, so that we can share these goals across your organization. Our Intelligence & Insights team is committed to delivering solutions that allow you to monitor the growth of your program and its impact on your consumers and business.

Brand development & Planning

Every Citizen strategy resists neutrality. To earn a place in culture, we offer an acute point of view based on human truths. Once we’ve uncovered it, we develop a strategy that will make it resonate with your target and cause a stir.

Public Affairs

Cultivate goodwill through sound advocacy that changes sentiment by challenging convention—that’s what we do! How? By nurturing relationships, giving people from diverse backgrounds a voice, and ensuring you have a seat at the table with the right movers and shakers. We drive conversations that capture your audience wherever they are.

Thought Leadership

A brand is defined by its leaders, and what they say matters. When they advocate for something bigger than the bottom line, people pay attention. We know you have ideas with a unique POV, and we’ll develop strategies to make sure they’re seen and heard. Let’s start new conversations together.

Crisis Communications

Our sweeping approach uncovers any potential issues your company may face and nips them in the bud before they reach a crisis level. In the age of social media, it’s important to pivot quickly and use every challenge as an opportunity to reassert your brand values. You’ll never see our best crisis work—and that’s exactly how it should be.

Media Relations

We’re cultural storytellers, and our teams are experts in how news is delivered today. Understanding the ever-changing media landscape calls for constant attention, nuance and empathy. Not only do we know how to get your story into the right inboxes, we help journalists see why it’s worth telling.

Influencer Marketing

Over 200 million people on the planet now call themselves “creators.” At Citizen Influence, we break through the noise with insight-fuelled strategies and stay a step ahead with proven methods and diverse influencer rosters. We’ll infuse your brand into influencer content to generate thumb-stopping power and tell a story that’s more compelling than a single social post.

Social & Digital

Just when you’re caught up, five new platforms emerge. We’ll help you navigate, reroute and stay relevant in the ever-changing landscape of digital trends, apps and platforms. Your online presence is often your only brand touchpoint. We’re here to make sure you’re reaching your audience in the right way, with the right message, where it matters most.

Experiential Marketing

We’re all about true human insights that move people out of their routine and into your brand experience. From sampling to real-time holograms, we’ve been creating authentic, immersive events for over 20 years—and there’s nothing we won’t do to make your brand become an obsession.

Be part of the conversation.