Cheetle In Cheadle


Client name
PepsiCo Foods Canada
Program name
October 2022

Challenge & Goal Cheetos lovers are some of the most passionate snackers in the game, and they know that you can’t enjoy the cheesy snack without getting your fingertips a little -okay, a lot – messy. The dust’s official name – Cheetle – wasn’t well known, and Canadians were split on whether it was delicious or just messy. Our challenge? Drive top of mind awareness for Cheetos by making “Cheetle” a part of Canadian snackers’ vernacular.


INSIGHTS & STRATEGY To increase relevance of “Cheetle” – the powdery residue that’s left behind after eating your favourite Cheetos snacks, and celebrate it with our fans, we needed to grab their attention and invite them – versus tell them – to join the Cheetle love. And what do we do with the things we love the most? We cherish them. We revere them. We build monuments to them.


EXECUTIONAlberta, Canada has a history of building oversized food landmarks. So when Cheetos discovered a small Albertan hamlet called Cheadle, we saw an opportunity: build a 17-foot-tall monument to memorialize the orange dust in a town of a similar name. The statue caused confusion among residents, but quickly became a viral sensation, attracting thousands of fans from all over. The statue was claimed by Cheetos several days later and generated significant coverage, becoming a global phenomenon. In October 2022, Cheetle was EVERYWHERE.


RESULTS & IMPACT The campaign permeated culture in a significant way, with images of the statue and Cheetos fans all over TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram, media outlets, and even late-night TV. The breakthrough nature of the program allowed the execution to garner earned media in both traditional and non-traditional outlets. Fans quickly added the statue to Cheadle’s Wikipedia page and designated it a “historical landmark” on Google Maps. With just one statue, Cheetos drove significant growth by turning a weakness into a powerful, distinctive brand asset.

2.2 billion impressions

from top tier global media coverage, from CNN, CBC, CTV and Global News to Seth Myer and Jimmy’s Fallon and Kimmel, plus outlets in 15 countries such as India, Philippine, Saudi Arabia, South Africa & Australia


earned traditional hits


earned social hits, making it the most successful PepsiCo Foods Canada PR campaign in a decade


increase in “Cheetle” mentions (awareness goal surpassed by… a zillion percent)


shift in positive sentiment (for synonyms of Cheetos Dust vs 2021)


increase in Regional sales of Cheetos Puffs snacks


increase in National sales of Cheetos Puffs snacks


delivered in media value