The 2023
Citizen Connections Report


Over the past few years, a crisis of social connection has emerged:

The US Surgeon General reports loneliness as more fatal than smoking & obesity

The UK’s Minister of Loneliness calls it “one of the greatest public health challenges of our time”

Mount Sinai Hospital in Canada attributes 45,000 deaths a year to loneliness

Social Connection Isolation

The three drivers of the Connection Deficit:

We've Deliberately Shrunk Our Social Circles

74% think more about who they spend time since the pandemic
Nearly 30% are less likely to talk about anything controversial
15% have lost friends due to polarization, while 16% have found new friends that share their beliefs

We Need Both Online & Offline Connection

78% prefer spending time with others in real life. Why? Improved communication & camaraderie
A quarter found resonance in discovering like-minded individuals online. Why? Convenience and specificity
Only 12% of total respondents trust those that they meet online

Mental Health Is The Biggest Barrier

57% of our respondents agree with the statement “I feel lonely sometimes even when I am surrounded by people”
20% say they are more anxious in social settings
Mental Health was the #1 social issue respondents want to see brands addressing

How Brands Can Tackle Social Connection

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