Experiential Marketing
Tell a story. Engage an action.

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people seated
people seated
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Experience trumps things.

We do not begin with an event in mind. We begin with insights that will motivate the people we’re looking to attract. Then we unleash our creative side, looking for new and novel ways to inform, entertain, and give consumers a reason to believe in your brand.

Why? We believe that telling a story leads to conversation. Those conversations will lead to action. And those actions lead to meaningful impact.

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Strategy & Planning
Strategy development
Creative services
Campaign development
Communication plans

Consumer XM
Product Sampling
Customer Acquisition
Trade shows
Product Launches
In-store & Drive-to-retail

XM Tours
National Mobile Tours
Youth Marketing
Campus Programs
Sponsorship Programs
Retail Activation
Mall Tours
In-store & Drive-to-retail

Digital & Social XM Strategy
Virtual Events
Rapid Content Production
Community Mgmt
AR, VR Tech Builds
Influencer/Ambassador Mgmt

Corporate XM
Sales / Employee Meetings
B2B Trade shows
Media/PR launches
Content Creation
In-store & Drive-to-retail

Staffing solutions
Brand Ambassadors
Special Skills Staff (including CSRs)
In-Depth Training
Multilingual support
Media Training


Measurement Impressions aren’t the only indicators of success. We also measure brand recall, engagement onsite/online, purchase and redemption, social reach, click-through rate, comments and conversation, user-generated content, and more. We choose the measurement tools that make the most sense in each case to meet objectives.

Meet our
team lead

Mark Cater

Kevin Wagman

Managing Director, Experiential

With 25 years of experience, Kevin leads the Citizen Experiential team in developing and producing award-winning experiential events, disruptive marketing and promotion programs, and cutting-edge consumer engagements across the globe. When not dreaming up the next big idea, Kevin spends time with George-Michael the Shih Tzu, whose dream is to be featured in Horse & Hound magazine.

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