PC Holiday

Insiders Report

Client name
Loblaws Companies Limited
Program name
November 2021

Challenge & Goal The PC Holiday Insider Report has been a holiday staple in Canadian homes since 1983. To reconnect with consumers, we wanted to find a way to bring the Report “to life” (literally!) to drive in-store activity for the holiday season.

INSIGHTS & STRATEGY For Canadians, the holiday season starts when the PC Insider Report comes out. There’s a sense of nostalgia, comfort, and joy that comes with opening up, exploring, and bookmarking your favourite pages. But holidays aren’t experienced on paper – it’s a season of real-living moments. So we decided to make the report’s content come to life, literally.


EXECUTION The Citizen Experiential team built a large-scale replica of a double page spread of the PC Insider Report, complete with a built-in sampling station and brought in a new form of Hologram technology, featuring PC chefs & editors, which was the first telepresence hologram in Canada. At the activation, customers lined up to get a sample of one of our signature Must Try products. On weekends, we added a “live” chef component to the hologram engagement where a chef stationed in a broadcast studio in Toronto was tele-projected via hologram to the store and surprised customers as he engaged with them one on one.

Results & Impact


of sampling goal reached


consumer interactions


media impressions earned


YOY growth on holiday products