New York

NEW YORK, NY 10013

Citizen arrived on the New York agency scene in 2001 and hit the ground running.
With an open floor plan, a rooftop hangout, private gym and showering facilities, this office redefines “modern.”

Currently home to 40+ awesome Citizens, we work alongside three of our Plus Co. sister agencies at the company’s newest campus in the heart of Soho on Hudson Street.

Our team lead
in New York City

Mark Cater

Laura Bremer

President, U.S.

Laura’s work philosophy can be summed up by a quote from Helen Keller: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” As the U.S. President, she’s been pushing the boundaries of earned and influencer marketing, which has led to the team’s YoY growth. Her people-first mentality is strong at work and even stronger at home, where she’s the ultimate cheerleader—just ask her kids.