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Los Angeles

4201 Wilshire Blvd., #610
Los Angeles 90010

Citizen’s LA office is smack-dab in the heart of the city in an old Hollywood-style building on Wilshire Boulevard.

Home to 20+ Citizens (and their dogs!), our office is located on a campus that has over 50 Plus Co. employees.

Only a mile to Larchmont Village, we reward ourselves and our hard work with some of the best bars, cafés and restaurants around.

Meet our
team lead in LA

Erin Oliver Georgieff

Erin Georgieff

Managing Partner, U.S. Growth and West Coast Operations

Not only does Erin oversee Citizen’s West Coast offices, she focuses on US growth with current and prospective clients and the teams that support them. Her passion for travel, cooking and gadgets has helped bolster some of the best brands in the biz. Erin hails from Canada but has been stateside for 20 years—guess you could say she’s an “Ameri-Can” Citizen.