What We’re Watching In Digital Communications

Citizen Digital
February 14, 2024
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With the rise of AI,  new social media channels, talk of gen alpha, and the changing use of X, we’re seeing constant evolution in the digital landscape. With such rapid change, it can be hard for marketers to distill what’s coming up next and how to adapt brand plans. 

Global communications agency Citizen Relations’ dComm3 team is ever immersed in the world of digital transformation and they’re sharing what they’re currently watching to help – they include: 

1) A Rediscovery Of The Middle

After decades of investing in big, top of funnel brand acts, brand equity campaigns and splashy product launches–the last five years of marketing has focused on laser-targeted, bottom-funnel marketing and personalization. But brands have forgotten about the middle. That part of the funnel where customers are nurtured, valued, where we put effort into building consideration through search, content and new audience building. Where we make sure our dollars spent on brand acts aren’t wasted, because we have an amazing brand intimacy journey that greets humans and keeps them in our brand envelope.

2) The Spotlight Shift From Authenticity To Utility

Early days of social media turned advertising from brands talking at their customers to brands talking with their customers. Now, with advancing digital technologies and ease of content and digital experience creations, there is a growing expectation from customers that brands do even more to gain their preference. In 2024, brands will need to deliver real utility to consumers, in relevant ways that aid the lifestyle of the individual. This added value will work to differentiate brands from the onslaught of content available every time an app  or browser is opened.

3) The Next Phase Of Social Search

TikTok is setting the standard for social search at the moment, with keywords in both captions and comments being searchable. Gone are the days where the only way to discover content was via a hashtag. With platforms like Google already delivering snippets of YouTube video content as search results, we could see formalized partnerships between social channels and search engines in 2024.

4) The Human Layer Of AI

Platforms and applications leveraging AI are proliferating, revolutionizing how digital content is produced. However, this technological advancement is not a standalone solution but part of a broader “solution stack.” A lot of people think AI is just a commodity where you integrate and automate some models and you’re good to go. But no—there needs to be a full alignment of people, processes and technology for the operationalization of content to be successful.

5) The Rise Of Niche Community Creators

Brands are recognizing the pivotal role of niche creators, and AI-generated content is no longer just a futuristic concept—it’s happening now. In 2024, one thing becomes crystal clear: brands will increasingly need niche creators and a fresh sense of originality to stand out. The days of obsessing over follower counts are on the decline. Instead, credibility and relatability within niche communities will be a must for brands.

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