Raising The Bar: How To Win Consumer Loyalty With Equitable Action

April 28, 2023
Woman on Bench

Never have consumers held brands to a higher standard. So to win their loyalty, brands have to raise the bar – they need to drive more action, greater change and equitable opportunities to get consumer’s votes and loyalty. Our PR experts, Teri Akahoshi, Senior Director in LA and Shona Wercholuk, Associate Director in Vancouver, share their thoughts below!  

1. Consumers Are People Not Targets

Consumers are more likely to support brands that represent them, advocate for their values and authentically serve their community. Win the hearts and minds of purpose-driven younger and more diverse consumers with effective programs that drive social impact and offer true, long-term solutions grounded in the brand’s purpose.

2. Be Authentic & Transparent

90% of consumers said they’re looking for authenticity when deciding what brands to support. (Source) To truly resonate and create loyalty with consumers requires authenticity. In addition to inclusive marketing initiatives that support society, brands need to look internally, supporting diversity, equity and inclusion within their workforce. Today’s consumers are extremely savvy, and this message starts from within an organization. It’s important to actually live what you say and steer clear from tokenism. 

3. Take Action & Accountability

Demonstrate your commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in action first, then messaging. Audit your brand playbook and be intentional with the media publications, reporters, influencers, KOLs, and partners you bring onboard to ensure coverage, content and deliverables offer unique and authentic touchpoints, messaging and perspective for a more inclusive and diverse program.