Organic Communications Are Coming Back In A Big, Bad Way

January 30, 2023
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It’s 2023, and I still think about that Geocities website I made in the 90’s about Sailor Moon. (And before you ask, yes it did include fanfiction). With guestbooks, webrings, and Yahoo Chat in tow, I was able to find my people and geek out about our shared passions in our little dark corner of the internet. It was the best; I had community-driven destinations where I knew I could find exactly what I was looking for, and nothing else to distract me. 

All of a sudden in the mid-2000s, we were met with tools to not just connect with IRL friends and expand our niche online tribes, but literally anyone with an internet connection and enough know-how to create and utilize a social media account could broadcast whatever they wanted. This shift from 1-to-1 comms, to 1-to-few comms, to 1-to-many comms came on so quickly that we all picked up some bad communications habits along the way – both as humans and as marketers. And now, all this time later, I think we need to return back again to those good old days of organic community and content that the World Wide Web initially promised us, ironically enough to stay modern as how we find connection on the internet evolves. 

Here are three modern ways we’re thinking about organic social communications at Citizen in 2023 and beyond: 

New Platforms Without Ads Require New Ways to Outreach

How will you speak and be spoken to on emerging channels and communities?

In a more decentralized world of social media, where creators monetize goods directly and platforms don’t have stabilized ad models yet, organic dialogue is the only way for brands to join the community. To authentically engage in Web3 spaces, one might consider game builders, avatars, even XR builders to communicate on our brands’ behalf, but first and foremost as a community member rather than as an advertiser.  

Over-Reliance on Paid Has Limited Organic Narrative Building

How can you better integrate organic content into your production mix?

Brands have over-indexed on paid reliance and organic narrative building can be just the supplement to boost performance on investment. We’re all pros at developing and maintaining marketing funnels that drive action, but what about those organic communications funnels that drive affinity and word of mouth? In 2023, we’re reminding our clients about those who have already chosen to follow our brands in social media and build many awesome things to reinvigorate their brand love, wherever they may roam online. 

The Evolution of Search Requires Natural Language Organic Content 

How’s your owned content narrative?

Sometimes in PR, we work with clients who swear they don’t have any “new news” to share, which they’re concerned could impact their newsworthiness and search ranking. In order to own their share of search, brands need stronger, natural language-driven organically-built content. Specializing in organic search engine optimization in platforms like TikTok, Instagram, GiPHY and Pinterest where more Gen Z/Alpha audiences are seeking to discover is growing more and more important. As is building organic content and linking strategies that drive a halo of highly optimized brand share of voice. 

At Citizen, we help build, protect, and drive reputation and share of voice through innovative digital communications strategies that are forged with PR-know-how and are Web3 ready. And we want to know, Is your big bet for 2023 reinforcing your organic content strategy and production model? Reach out to us at to start the conversation. 

About The Author: 

Laura brings 15 years of experience in advertising and public relations agencies. She leads teams to develop digitally-led creative communications campaigns, channel plans, influencer marketing campaigns, paid media plans, community strategies and content development.