Modern Dating Is More Than Grand Gestures

Citizen Strategy
February 14, 2024
Woman on Bench

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the landscape of modern dating takes on a nuanced hue. Traditionally a day filled with romantic surprises and declarations of love, this year’s Valentine’s Day seems to be viewed through a different lens. 

Unlike previous years where Valentine’s Day may have been marked by grand gestures and elaborate plans, many individuals are approaching it with a newfound sense of simplicity in 2024. The emphasis seems to be less on extravagant displays of affection and more on real interactions, whether romantic or platonic. In a world where meaningful interactions are increasingly valued and the crisis of connection holds firm, undivided attention and thoughtfulness are prized above all else.

As for Generation Z, the cohort renowned for its digital savvy and penchant for keeping it real, their approach to Valentine’s Day reflects their broader attitude towards relationships. While some may embrace the traditional aspects of the holiday, others may eschew it in favor of more unconventional expressions of love and appreciation. For Gen Z, authenticity reigns supreme, and Valentine’s Day is no exception.

Against this backdrop, Tinder’s latest campaign, ‘It Starts With A Swipe,’ takes on added significance. In their campaign, Tinder is challenging the assumption that they only facilitate surface-level connections by showcasing a broader approach to modern dating. Launched on Dating Sunday, the busiest time of the year in online dating, the campaign focuses on the different ways Gen-Z builds connections through small but formative moments. 

The creative messaging and visuals employed by Tinder in this campaign underscore the idea that each swipe has the potential to initiate a meaningful match. By shifting the focus from mere visual assessments to a more comprehensive understanding of individuals, Tinder seeks to break down barriers and cultivate deeper connections among users.

Tinder isn’t the only dating app that’s tackling the crisis of connection we’re facing globally, one that’s perhaps felt the most in modern dating. Last year, Hinge partnered with the Foundation for Social Connection, an organization that works on fostering social connection in society, to release a Distraction-Free Dating Guide aimed at promoting dating with intentionality.

Encouraging users to engage in genuine conversations, the guide steers them away from superficial interactions, creating an environment conducive to creating deeper ties. By prioritizing thoughtful communication, Hinge aims to make the dating experience more meaningful and fulfilling for its users.

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day in this evolving landscape of modern romance, it’s clear that the quest for meaningful relationships remains paramount. Whether swiping on Tinder or engaging in distraction-free conversations on Hinge, today’s daters are navigating the complexities of love and connection with a renewed sense of purpose.