From Diversity To Belonging: Citizen’s First Annual Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Report

December 21, 2022
Woman on Bench

The movement following the events of 2020 shone a bright light on structural racism and inequity that  systematically excluded groups experience daily. Citizen has a long track record of celebrating diversity in our communities but until 2020 we didn’t look closely at what was happening within our agency. Our equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) survey and conversations through our EDI Council and Committees indicates that we are passionate about this topic, and that we also need to do more as an agency if we are striving to create an environment where all Citizens can feel a sense of belonging.

We want every Citizen to develop, grow and shape their own legacy while moving this agency into the future. That means we need many role models at all levels of the company and leaders who are willing to step into uncomfortable conversations. Just as exclusion has been deliberately orchestrated, inclusion must also be deliberately embedded, righting wrongs and reaching those who have not been considered before. It will not happen by accident. If we aren’t actively working to create an equitable and just work environment for all then we are complicit in it being perpetuated. That is truest inside our own agency.

Our very first EDI Report is a reflection of our commitment to be transparent when communicating our EDI progress. We are addressing EDI like we would any business opportunity: analysis, listening, learning and a strategy along with metrics to track our progress. You will find more information on our strategy in the report. 

We identified a number of concrete action steps we will take, but real, lasting, structural change will take time. Our commitment to reporting our results annually is one way to keep ourselves accountable so that we continue to make meaningful progress. EDI is not separate from, or in addition to what we’re doing on the business side. It’s integrated into everything we are doing now.

This EDI Report serves as a blueprint – a guide to how we’re laying the foundation for a more equitable and better future by building an agency worthy of every Citizen here, now, and in the future.