The Changing Definition Of Influencer

May 08, 2023
Woman on Bench

The world of influencer marketing has seen rapid change in the last decade. And last month, our SVP of Creator Marketing, Neil Mohan, suggested that maybe more influencer marketing isn’t what every brand needs. Instead, brands need to re-evaluate how they do influencer marketing. 

A key step in that re-evaluation is understanding how the definition of influencer is changing, even today. In our latest Digital Provocateur LinkedIn Live session, Mohan and Crystalyn Stuart-Loayza, Citizen’s Chief Digital Officer, discussed how modern influence is being re-defined and how brands need to rethink their approach and understanding of influencers.

In their LinkedIn Live session, Mohan & Stuart-Loayza discussed the following key factors brands need to be aware of:

  • Influencer Segmentation: The different type of influencers and what motivates them to create content
  • Algorithms To Focus On: Follower count is no longer the benchmark; algorithms now favour recommended content, search and paid media
  • Creative Capability: Instead of focusing solely on the impressions, brands need to find ways to insert their products into the creative capabilities creators have
  • The Purchase Funnel: While creators are incredibly successful at building awareness for a product, they are equally successful at the lower end of the funnel i.e. impacting purchase decisions
  • AI Is The (Upcoming) Creator: AI is being used to make virtual creators who act as regular influencers and are a great way for brands to develop their own personas

The full LinkedIn Live session is available on Citizen Relation’s LinkedIn page and to learn more about dComm3, click here or email