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AriZona Hard


Molson Coors Beverage Company
AriZona Hard Bikes
April To July 2021
bike peach

Challenge & Goal Making its debut in 2020, AriZona Hard Iced Tea was an instant hit for Canadians in search of nostalgia. But to increase sales, and most importantly repeat purchases, we needed to show that the brand could offer more than a ride down memory lane.

Insights & Strategy The pandemic had everyone desperate for an escape, and the demand for bikes skyrocketed. We tapped into that by developing an original creative idea that helped Canadians experience new moments of playful adulthood.

lemon bike
arizona bike

Execution We created an exclusive line of limited-edition AriZona Hard bikes—and sold them for just 99¢—to promote the new lemon and peach flavours. Buzz was generated through our media relations, a branded microsite and AriZona Hard social channels to huge success. The thirst for the retro bikes was insatiable!

Demand for the limited-edition bikes was so intense that they sold out in under 60 seconds, and there was a total of 46,178 unique sessions on Shopify within one hour.


earned media impressions


earned media placements


microsite visits to within one week


sales increase compared to 2020


generated so much interest that the Shopify site was hacked ahead of launch!

Fun fact

We had to change our phone number because too many people kept calling to get a bike!