Citizen’s 2023 Connections Report Launches Today

November 06, 2023
Woman on Bench

New York, N.Y. (November 6, 2023): Today, Citizen launches its inaugural Connections Report – the company’s deep dive into social connection today.

Over the past few years, a crisis of connection has become evident around the world. This year, the US Surgeon General announced the “epidemic of loneliness” to be more fatal than smoking or obesity. The UK’s Minister of Loneliness – a position created in 2018 – has called this crisis “one of the greatest public health challenges today.” And in Canada, Mount Sinai Hospital cites 45,000 deaths a year to loneliness.

“As an agency with a mission to make every conversation count, we see conversation as a catalyst for connection. The Marketing Communications industry is uniquely positioned to combat the connection crisis – but first we have to understand what’s driving it”, says Nick Cowling, Global CEO of Citizen Relations.

Citizen got curious about what social connection looks like today – what has changed in the last few years? How do people choose to connect – and with who? In June 2023, the agency surveyed over 3000 respondents from across North America and the UK to find out. The data revealed that while people almost universally desire more connection than they’re getting today – they’re held back. This “Connection Deficit,” as Citizen calls it,  is driven by a multitude of factors, mainly:

  1. We’ve deliberately shrunk our social circles
  2. It’s not about online vs. offline – we need both 
  3. Mental health is the biggest barrier

Citizen’s Connections Report reveals the way people connect with each other, with themselves and with society – and the new mandate for brands to tackle social connection today.

Click here to learn more and read the full report.