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Grand Store Opening


Grand Store Opening
July 2022
Preview video Vinfast

Challenge & Goal Vietnamese auto manufacturer, VinFast, was officially arriving to the US with the opening of 6 California storefronts. We were tasked with letting the US consumer, and industry at large, know there was a new kid on the block who was ready to play in the big leagues. Our goal was to introduce the brand, drum up excitement among US consumers and create industry buzz around the brand’s accomplishments.


Insights & Strategy The auto space is very crowded and many manufacturers are turning to EV models. Therefore, VinFast had to make its US debut in a memorable way, while celebrating its global audience. To bring this significant milestone to life; we took the experience beyond a store opening and created a global brand moment. To do this, we worked with VinFast as they hosted a grand opening at the Santa Monica flagship location with five simultaneous satellite events at locations throughout California.

VinFast Showroom Opening
VinFast Grand Store Opening
VinFast Launch In California

Execution The main event in Santa Monica kicked off on a huge stage, surrounded by immersive branding, to a crowd of eager media, dignitaries and customers. We started with a live speed painting performance by Revel, followed by a keynote from VinFast’s CCO before unveiling the VF 8 amongst a fury of pyrotechnics.Through a live stream, we were able to reach global partners and important media who could not attend. Musical talent, AleXa, headlined the event to attract consumers and foot traffic at the main event.

Results & Impact

Over 2.6

billion impressions


foot traffic across all locations


press placements


media impressions


new social followers


social post enagagements