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Social Impact & Sustainability
Let's make an impact together.

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Sustainability, social impact, and equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) are not just buzzwords. They are words that are connected to real actions that drive long-term business growth in a world that is increasingly connected - a world in which customers and employees expect more from the companies they work at and buy from.

We work closely with you to create a strategy that is attuned to your brand aspirations. We then take this strategy to the next level by translating it into a compelling narrative that results in a credible and authentic connection with your audience. We execute plans that best support your business in aligning with its purpose and then create conversations that rally your customers, employees and communities to act.

Research & Analytics

Understand your communities: We will help you develop a deep understanding of your audience and other stakeholders so that you are creating a deep emotional connection with your customers, employees and communities in the ways that truly matter.

Sustainability, Social Impact or EDI Strategy

Plan to maximize your impact: We will help you create a foundational strategy for your unique approach to sustainability, social impact or EDI so that you can move forward confidently in your campaigns.

Stakeholder Engagement

Let’s be partners: We will support you in facilitating conversations with your key stakeholders - particularly difficult conversations to ensure you are leading with integrity and respect with the communities you engage and consult with.


Be real: Whether you are communicating with your consumers or with your teams, use your communications to build social purpose, belonging and sustainability into the very fabric of your brand.

Sustainability, Social Impact & EDI Report Production

Don’t be shy: Take a unique approach to reporting on your progress in sustainability, social impact or EDI so that your brand stands out.

Program & Campaign Design

Make real change: Your campaigns have the potential to make a true impact in your communities and beyond. Harness the real power of your products by making a difference.

Education & Training

Gear up: None of this work can be done without the education and knowledge to uplift your brand for impact. Partner with us to fill in the gaps and ensure your teams are equipped with the tools they need to represent your brand through meaningful work.


We bring social impact, sustainability, EDI, and communications experts together to create meaningful change inside and outside your brand.

Our approach
is holistic because we believe these concepts work together to promote real impact.

We take a 360 view of your brand to ensure you’re moving forward with authenticity and credibility, building trust with your stakeholders as you go.

Our unique positioning
as multidisciplinary experts means you cover your bases and face less risk when you work with us.

Meet our
team lead

Shilpa Tiwari

Shilpa Tiwari

EVP, Social Impact & Sustainability

In addition to building, growing and managing social impact and sustainability practice at Citizen Relations, Shilpa is the founder and CEO of Her Climb, an organization that aims to increase the number of ethnically diverse women in leadership positions. She’s also a passionate trekker, having hiked to Mount Everest Base Camp and the top of Kilimanjaro.